Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks

This is what I do - at least, when I'm feeling feisty.
I throw mud at walls...in a metaphorical sense, not a literal sense, though ACTUALLY throwing mud at walls would be more fun, I suspect. I could try it with horse manure in the mornings, if I felt so inclined.

This is not entirely unrelated to my ponderings about success or rather, reappraising what success means to me, of yesterday. I'd love to relate to you chapter and verse the contents of the seminar I attended, but:
  1. It would be very tedious
  2. I undertook not to as the material is deemed copyright
So...metaphorical mud. I try for EVERYTHING I can - 'Director looking for script'...'Screenplay contest'...'Collaborator wanted'...'Apply for funding here'...'Film company will commission short films'...

Sometimes, it's the very last thing I feel like doing.

No way, never!
image by Jordebot
...but I do it. And I put up, often, with  not even receiving the courtesy of a response. Or, slightly better, a 'thanks, but no thanks.' But SOMETIMES...

...I hook up with great people who like my work and make my screenplays into films.

The success rate? I don't know...probably one positive for every fifty negatives. It can be soul-destroying but when something great happens, I know it's all worth it. The more I do it, the easier it becomes because I've thrown so much mud that my hopes aren't ever pinned to one project. Sometimes, I even forget I've gone for some particular thing and get a surprise, months later, when the person gets back to me.

So that's a part of success...to keep on throwing mud at walls to see what sticks.

Something always does in the end.