Sunday, 23 October 2011

I'm learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.

While I have no immediate plans to die, I think what Eartha Kitt said is just perfect.

(Another woman. Another person without facial hair. Perhaps no hair at all? It all goes to show it's not a prerequisite of saying Intelligent Things.)

My job with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission involves so much research that every day is an adventure. (At school, I gave up the study of History the first moment I could) Is it a disadvantage not knowing about a subject before you write about it? I happen to think it's quite the reverse - although it means I probably have to work harder.

Your Latin lesson of the day (well, mine, at any rate): I know one thing, that I know nothing...or something like that.

So...I have no preconceptions; I have to understand things myself in order to be able to pass them on to others; and, happily for me, I'm constantly acquiring knowledge so my brain doesn't atrophy (although tell me that when I find my car keys in the fridge or I go upstairs to get something and by the time I'm there I've forgotten what it was!)

I have riding lessons every week. Pete's opinion - SURELY you must know how to ride by now? My opinion - I know that there will always be something to learn.

I've started my seminar about transforming my paradigm of success...

And NOW, I've registered on a writing course with Meg Rosoff. (Remember There is no dog )

It's called 'Finding Your Voice'..."Your 'voice' lies somewhere between your conscious and subconscious mind. Finding that place is a challenging exercise in self-confrontation."

Can't wait. I'm hoping she has a big bag of Magic Fairy Dust just for me.