Sunday, 2 October 2011

If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?

The answer is yes, Stephen Wright.

By Abril Andrade Griffith
We are having one! It's October. It's astonishing.

Yesterday, Britain experienced the hottest October day on record. Our national weather service the Met Office said Saturday’s temperature reached 85.8 F (29.9 C) at Gravesend in South East England. This is not so very far from where I live.

It's an Indian summer.

by Lori Seaman
Your useless piece of information of the day:

"The term Indian summer reached England in the 19th century, during the heyday of the British Raj in India. This lead to the mistaken belief that the term referred to the Indian subcontinent. In fact, the Indians in question were the Native Americans, and the term began use there in the late 18th century."

Gimme swelter!