Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Gone painting!

I was yesterday and I will be today too at some point - only I have to finish a script first. I'm very firm with myself. I will punish myself if I fail. Sit myself on the naughty chair until I learn to behave.

The script is 'just' to be five pages long, for a contest .

Now, someone please explain to me how it was that I could write ten pages in less than a day, yet I've been struggling on and off for a week and only have two and a half pages?

Partly it's because it's meant to be a comedy, she says, answering her own question. That is TOUGH.

So...I'm painting my room.

The ceiling is Soft Truffle. (That's the colour of the paint, not the consistency)

Well, it's Soft Truffle except for the bits I missed.

Peter points out the flaws in my handiwork
So, I'll be painting the ceiling some more...