Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mens sana in corpore sano

 No, I'm not planning to become a Royal Marines PT instructor...for that is their motto, which can be translated as 'healthy mind in healthy body.'

It has been occurring to me lately that when my mind isn't feeling too fit the very first thing that happens is that I stop reading - reading for pleasure, I mean. But how , in all honesty, can I write successful novels unless I read them?

Although I've read other things in between, I started The Passage by Justin Cronin sometime last summer and The Girl has been staring at me from my bedside table pretty much ever since.

( This stunning cover is the reason I wanted the book in the first place. Publishers take note.)

As one of the reviews says "You don't have to be a fan of vampire fiction to be enthralled by The Passage."

I had reached page 435 out of 765 (yes it's a FAT book) and was enjoying it greatly when my mind got into a distracted state that prevented me from concentrating - and the book was too large and heavy to take on holiday (Publishers take note)
So last night, after at least three months break, I picked it up again.

I could remember every detail of what had gone before.

To me, that's an indication of a great piece of writing.