Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Giving myself a present

In Viki King's 'How To Write A Movie In 21 Days' (yes, it's in the fantasy genre) one of her suggestions is to buy yourself something that 'will identify the feeling you want to evoke.'

This is the work of an artist called Karen Davis.
Her paintings transport me straight into the world I need to be in when I write screenplays and novels like 'Of Night And Light'

I've bought a set of cards from her. I'm not going to send them to anybody!

Not only do they inspire my work but I'm going to redecorate my room with these colours.

Oh how I'd love her to illustrate my work if ever it's published. (I don't know if authors get any say in this)

Anyway, Viki King isn't ENTIRELY crazy!

But I think I'd go crazy if I tried to write a screenplay in 21 days...though I did write ten pages in less than one day, so I suppose it's worth thinking about...