Monday, 12 August 2013

Holiday blog: Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilised peopleare beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home...

That wilderness is a necessity.

Wise words.

John Muir, who wrote this, really captures the zeitgeist, doesn't he? Current thinking. Only thing is, he died in 1914...So, as they say in North America' and I can too, because that's where I am at the moment - go figure!

However, in our Whistler condo (see, I'm really up on the lingo here) Renovation Is Happening. There's a man on our balcony scraping paintwork and another guy pressure jet washing the outside of the building. So peaceful here. So conducive to beautiful thoughts about nature.

We head for the mountains. This time to Pemberton and beyond. Pemberton is a great place, remaining unashamedly like a town in a Western movie with an old General Store selling cowboy boots and moccasins and catapults and violins. Yep, violins.

We have lunch at a cafe endearingly self-marketed as 'the place where food resonates.' I'm thankful to say that so far no resonating has occurred.

And, up the mountain, a walk to another lake of breathtaking beauty, reached through a dank forest dripping with grey-green lichen. I was thinking Lake Cheakamus could not possibly be surpassed and then there was Lake Joffre below the Matier Glacier.

My soul is soothed. 

My heart overflows. 

Writing, creativity, would come so easy here. 

I feel it bubbling inside.