Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Creative Writing: Collaboration: We are exploring together.

  We are cultivating a garden together, backs to the sun. The question is a hoe in our hands and we are digging beneath the hard and crusty surface to the rich humus of our lives.*

By Walt Curlee
This will be me and good friend, Libby Wattis, this very day. A perfect way for me to get back into writing mode. She's coming to stay and we're working together on her solo show for theatre

Libby featured in my very first film, playing an astonishingly life-like corpse.

And here it is, and here she is. (Note how well she learned her lines!)

Collaboration - a gift from the gods or a skill that requires effort and practice?

I'm going for the first option.

* Parker J. Palmer, writer, teacher and activist