Monday, 12 August 2013

Holiday blog: Babies are such a nice way to start people

So right, Don Herold.

I'm very proud of my grandbaby Matilda. Did I mention that at all? Not that I have any desire to become a baby bore, but she is particularly special. Particularly scrumptious. Particularly alert and intelligent. And, of course, this is a completely objective opinion.

Matilda's earliest memory of her maternal grandma:

Family tradition, you see. My Uncle Edward always used to entertain us as tiny children with the song 'This is the way the lady rides' bouncing us on his knee. I think he had his own version as I can't find the lyrics I remember so well ANYWHERE.

"This is the way the ploughboy rides: step, by step, by step.

This is the way the lady rides: trit-trot-trit-trot-trit-trot.

This is the way the huntsman rides: a-gallop, a-gallop, a-gallop and DOWN into the ditch."

Lots of (gentle) baby bouncing on my knees and a final swoop downwards and...

projectile vomit from Baby Matilda, which somehow managed to go right up the right leg of my shorts.

I've always been good with babies.