Friday, 9 August 2013

Holiday blog: Oblivious like a fence post: Part 1

With apologies to all sentient fence posts everywhere.

(And put this blog down to time zone change and lack of sleep.)

Some people could try living outside their own headspace just occasionally, you know, just try it; it isn't so bad. You never know, you might strike up a, like, relationship with one of your customers, dear shop assistant. No? Oh, sorry. Not in the manual?

Boots. Gatwick Airport. Me at till with waterproof mascara and green sparkly nail varnish. Shopping in airports always makes me rash to the point of lunacy.

Girl at till: Would you like a bag?

Me (in full eco-warrior mode): No thank you. I can just pop the items in my handbag. As long as I have the receipt.

The girl takes a plastic bag and puts the items in it. I look at her. Her eyes are blank.

Me (politely): That's kind but I said I didn't need a bag.

Girl at till: Oh yeah. I did it out of habit. (Pause) Have a nice day!

That too?