Monday, 19 August 2013

Holiday blog: Quite Interesting Things In Ontario

They spell neighbour in the English way...I hesitate to say 'correctly' for fear of being castigated. Funny, because they spell colour color, as in 'incorrectly.' Why is this? Doesn't make any kind of sense.

Milk is sold in bags, not bottles or cartons. This is quite interesting yet strangely wobbly when pouring.

Here, motor homes are about the same dimensions as Olympic swimming pools. Indeed, some of them may contain swimming pools as well as full-size cinemas, shopping malls with their own branch of Tim Horton's and a crazy golf course. They are not like Dr. Who's tardis because they are as big on the outside as the inside. 

By contrast, at Kawartha Lakes there is an Amish community and it's lovely to see the horse-drawn buggies trit-trotting at a spanking pace along the highway, shy bonneted women peeping out from under the hood.

Heart attacks are served on plates. This dish is otherwise known as poutine, which is chips (French fries) slurped with brown gravy and topped with cheese curds. No, I haven't tried it yet.

The cabbages are the size of over-inflated footballs and the tomatoes are as big as croquet balls and the Brussels sprouts are like tennis balls. Though I've never tasted a tennis ball.

Perhaps everything is bigger in proportion to the size of the province? Ontario is 415000 square miles in against the paltry 94000 of the UK.

See, that proves it. Except for the Amish.