Thursday, 7 February 2013

A single disturbed thought creates ten thousand distractions.

Keep your heart clear and transparent and you will never be bound.

So said Ryokan.

 Sometimes you can think too much, right?

It's what Pete and I do when we're planning a holiday. Every time. The fact of the matter is that there is simply TOO MUCH INFORMATION out there.

So what happens is, we end up going nowhere except down Grumpy Street...

A couple of days ago, Dangerous Dave, skiing friend, asked us if we were going anywhere this year. I bleated on a bit...I think it's called a First World Problem...fretting over which skiing holiday to take. Shameful.

But, with someone else to kick our asses,  it seemed so simple. Decisions have been taken without painful mind-throttling deliberations. We're ready to book. What had taken several weeks, on and off, of discussions backwards and forwards and sixty eight different plans, each one discarded in turn...well, I think if we add it up, it has probably taken less than an hour.