Friday, 1 April 2011

Pinch, punch first of the month

...and NO RETURNS.

And yes, I forgot to say 'white rabbits' when I woke up. Good job I'm not superstitious (touch wood)

(I don't think this IS a rabbit. More of a sculpture out of cotton wool and pink felt. No self-respecting rabbit would ever allow himself to be quite so poncy)

Well, it's April. April for me is an ENORMOUS month. This April is, at any rate.

Deadline for Of Night And Light

Deadline for the first ten pages of The feature which must remain nameless

Pushing forward with The colour of her scream

Loads of work for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission about undivided India and its involvement in the two world wars

Loads of work for Cubiquity

Loads of marketing of my own material that I should be doing (note that is at the bottom of the list, as always)

But hey...I'm cool