Saturday, 2 April 2011

Early Days As a Writer...

Funny how little things set off a train of thought...

I was cleaning the living room - don't laugh, people - you know, using dusters and things and that spray stuff that I believe they call polish.

One of the objects that received my unaccustomed house-wifely attentions was a fire-screen, inherited from my parents, which is a framed tapestry of Abraham about to sacrifice his son Isaac on an altar, I forget why.

 (Me, I favoured grounding my kids when they'd transgressed.) took me back to something that has gone down in the annals of my family history - a story I wrote about this very same biblical happening, presumably for a Religious Knowledge homework when I was very young.

In this famous story, exactly as illustrated above, Abraham's dagger is poised above his son and my bit of dialogue for Isaac was (apparently) "Okay, Dad. Ready when you are!"

I always wanted to be a writer!